Hey big fella, your a big soppy bugger aren't ya, well mate your a legend in my book, you are going to kill me, but I have been to the casino and played uk Barbi, BUT......... keep ya hat on, I went really well, I alternated between the old and new, and only had to increase my bets 3 times and walked out of there with $400, so I am now up about $800 in 4 visits to the casino, so once again thank you, thank you, thank you, and just so you don't think I am an ignoramus for not following your advice and sending you some practice runs, I truly cannot perform this on my computer at this time, and I refuse,for the time being to pay some nerdy little asshole to come and fix my computer, as I have had them out to me 3 times in the last 6 months, but rest assured "MASTER" I have been a good little grasshopper, and have studied diligently, and I dare say I would be close to snatching the pebble out of your hand !!!!LOL.

Your mate

Vince  C   x (that's for you Barb"wink""wink")

Vince is from Australia

I can't believe I finally bought a system that really works.  I had almost given up hope of ever finding a system that wasn't a rip off. 


Herstal, Belgian

I purchased your book a few months ago and have to say it is absolutely great!  All other pre-conceived notions or attitudes about being successful at Roulette (or any other form of gambling for that matter) should be thrown out the window.  You have put together all the RIGHT information, without a lot of hypothetical window dressing, to make anyone's ventures profitable. 


Hartford, Conn, USA

Richard, The other night I was at an on-line casino and doing quite well using " Richie's dozen"; as a matter of fact I had tripled my session bankroll and was just about to quit when....By the way the "Barbi Systems and Richie's Dozen" are GREAT.......THANKS! ! ! 

Chuck K.,

Gunnison, Col.,USA  


Dear Richie --- YOU REALLY DID IT.   I can’t believe it.  I am a new book owner and have had the best intentions to contact you to let you know that about a week after receiving the book and printing it out I had an opportunity to go to Grand Casino Coushatta at Kinder, La. where they have a single zero wheel.  I bought in for $60 and used the Old Barbi system.  Using $1.00 chips I left for lunch in one hour with $143.00 . I could not believe it.  I am still amazed at hitting at nearly every spin.  It didn't take long for those three stacks of 20 to grow.  With more experience I hope to graduate to $5.00 chips.  I like $400 better than $40.  That wouldn't be bad for a beginner and for one hours work.  I was limited for time and have not been able to study my book, but hope to use the New Barbi system on 8/16 at the Isle of Capri @ Lake Charles, La. However-- My best to you and Barbara from Hot Houston.

Thanks for the advice ----

Houston, Texas

Jack xxxxxxx 

Dear Rich and Barbara

 I would have bet my life you guys were phonies like all the others.  I only bought your book because it was big and probably had at least some good advice.  I read the book cover to cover like you advised and I must say I learned.  I have been obsessed with roulette for over 25 years and yet you taught me many things I never knew.  But what really surprised me was you had a few systems that were pretty good based on my many tests.  Then I emailed you for a live demo and I was blown away over how well the Barbi 00 system did.  It worked exactly as you said it would.  I obviously was skeptical and asked you to do it over & over and you did. 

 After I logged off I went on my favorite Gambling Site and tried to duplicate what you did.  It failed miserably.  I thought you somehow pulled a fast one on me.  I went to 6 other Gambling sites and played it about a dozen times exactly like you showed me and to my surprise most of the time I won the 30% or more as you state. 

 Last week I went on holiday to a local casino and played 5 tables and won on 4 and left a winner.  I left ahead 57 chips.   Since I was using $5 chips that placed me on the plus side by $285 cash.  Not bad for a few hours.  In fact I lost 60 chips on the last table so I stayed too long which you warn us of in your book at least a half dozen times.  Now I know why you insist we really read the whole 600 pages.  Now wish I used $25 chips like you used on your demo with me.  That would have had me ahead $1425.   

 As you have been honest to admit it does lose sometimes but if you stick to your strategy it keep you ahead.  I have seen a lot of criticism or your book on the net and now I see why.  They must be afraid of you all the online casinos, real casinos and all the other system sellers.  I have read much of the stuff out there and yours is head and shoulders above all others.  Thank You for your book, help and honesty.

Bradd xxxxxxxxxx

from Las Vegas

Hi Richard and Barbara, thanks for your last e-mail and newsletter. I will pass on your details to as many people as I can as your system is the best ever!   I have been trying the system on the on-line casinos and every time is the same. I win 100 ($144US) or so at 1 ($1.44) pt over 3 or 4 sessions.  I am planning my trip to a real casino!   in England you have to become a member, then wait 24hrs before you can play!  my nearest casino is about 20 miles away-although, about the same distance the other way I have all the big London casinos- the one I will try first has 14 single zero tables!
all the best.

Herts, United Kingdom
David xxxxx

I've just got back from the Foxwood Casino, so I thought I should post my progress report. .....Oh Boy! Your systems are powerful.  At the end of the day, I  was $ 950 a head! and I wasn't even prepared.  Considering that I bet $5 unit most of the time and jumped to $10 and $25 on a few occasions, that's not bad to say the least.  Yes, I did think of breaking a $1,000.  I walked instead as you suggested. I used both of your systems.  I cannot say that I favor one or the other, because they both performed so well.  Though I feel that the Old Barbi comes back quicker after taking a loss.  I don't think that I can thank you enough for sharing your systems with a few of us players.  Along with my sincere respect, I thank you both again.

P.S., Brookline, MA

If you play this game at all, you should NOT put another dollar at risk until you have absorbed the information contained in "Pigs"....I have been using Richie and Barbara's methodology for the past year and a half, and I am WAY ahead of the game financially. Don M.,

Cleveland, OH USA


Hi Richie,

I have read many books on roulette as well as purchased many systems during the last 10 years, and I can honestly say that your book and systems are by far the best I have ever seen. The money management strategies are brilliant .  I love going to the casino ,and have spent thousands of hours playing roulette over the years. With mixed results. Overall  ,I have lost with all the systems I have tried-until now.  In short, you have helped me turn my fortunes around and I have won on my last 15 consecutive visits to the casino ! Even when I  do lose a few games, I know exactly what to do to get back on my winning way. Your book has been a godsend to me ,and I thank you for bringing this information to the world.

Allen M.,  Cairns, Queensland, Australia

I purchased your book several months ago and have to say it is absolutely great! I think it is well worthwhile to re-read it over and over again, put it down, and then go back to it (several times, if necessary) because the information contained in the book is so valuable it should be completely ingrained and reinforced. All other pre-conceived notions or attitudes about being successful at Roulette (or any other form of gambling for that matter) should be thrown out the window. You have put together all the RIGHT information, without a lot of hypothetical window dressing, to make anyone's ventures profitable. Just follow the wisdom and rules, which are 100% sensible, and good things will happen.  

I have had major problems with all my previous efforts at sustaining profits at gambling, despite having a sharp intellect, because of a lack of discipline and the terrible tendency to chase. I just could never accept a losing day and, so many times, after making a decent profit, would throw all of it back plus what was in my pocket. How disgusted I was with myself, but just couldn't stop the madness of it. I quit gambling several times altogether, figuring it just couldn't be mastered in any way. 

Yet, deep down, I felt there had to be a way to learn what I didn't know and apply it -- learning real money management and discipline from someone who had been down all the dark roads that I had. So, I remained open to reading and testing and chasing that elusive dream. And I have found the answer. That answer being the wisdom and practical experience contained in your book. And I don't mean just the systems, which are designed to actually work.  No, I mean your constant repetitive advice and warnings in the book regarding money management and discipline, all leading to the wisdom of: "Play, Win, Walk ... GET BETTER OR GET BEATEN." I believe this part of your teaching is by far the most important, at least for someone like me.  

You see, Richard, as elementary as it sounds, no one ever taught me the right way of managing my money, knowing when to walk, and having the discipline and confidence that these were the right things to do. Your book has done that for the first time in my life. Thank you so much.

Hartford, Ct., USA

We received an order from K.J. in Milwaukee WI., and within a hour of receiving the order we received this email…. 

for the past 24 hours all i can think of is that i probably blew another $100 on a roulette system that is full of shit. i have been playing this game for MANY years and know EVERYTHING about the game.i have read 11 books on the subject and have filled 21 notebooks of notes and various methods of betting. i own my own wheel and sometimes put in 30 hours per week spinning this thing looking for an edge but never find one. i am a math wiz but still can't find an edge. i have spent about $1,000 on different schemes. MOST systems will work temporarily but you will lose it all back. name me a system and i own it.(what do you think of oscars grind?) take your time sending me my book, i don't think i'll enjoy it, sorry.    signed,  mr jxxxx   

We wrote back and gave him a chance to cancel the order but he said send it anyway.  So we did and 12 days after we sent the book we got this reply…. 

richie-  loads and loads of information, thanks! just when i thought i knew it all i end up learning more. i'm using the barbie system (just at home for now) and it works quite well. the only thing i can't do at home is to move from table to table.

We couldn’t pass up the chance to write back and ask, What happened to this guy???  for the past 24 hours all i can think of is that i probably blew another $100 on a roulette system that is full of shit. i have been playing this game for MANY years and know EVERYTHING about the game.  Just kidding….

 He turned out to be a real gentleman and had the courage to admit he was wrong.   Actually we can’t blame K.J. for thinking our systems wouldn’t work.  After all we never bought a system on the Internet that works either.

Well guys, I got news and get a load of this. Conveniently enough for me , I was working in South Elgin IL. and as you might have heard of once before, I decided to give me friends at the Grand Victoria riverboat Casino a visit.

I bought in a 100.00$ worth of nickels and decided to put the Barbie 10/9 to use.   Without even realizing it after a few spins, I was up with 175.00$ of the casinos money.    It finally sunk in after that and I realized o my God Rich and Barb told me to walk after only 20 - 50% tops profit!   What am I doing? So I cashed in and walked thanks.  However, I got greedy turned right around and went back 1 spin later, big mistake, should have listened to you guys.  You are so right.

No I really did read the book cover to cover, honestly!  When you get a system like yours that allows you every 20 minutes to say," can you please turn this stack into a black chip?" you get greedy and If I work on that , I m alright!  At some point I’ve got to learn to walk.

Billy the Greek


Hi Richie

 You woun't believe it how I did today. First of all when I got to the casino. There was a guy that I helped first who had car trouble. A flat battery after leaving his lights on. So maybe a hour later I only started gambling. I spesifically piced the same table as yesterday as I done pretty well here. Remember I said my target was 21 chips and I was going to aim for 37 to round of my bankrol of 213 chips to 250. So when I started playing at N2 & O1 I won the first five spins and already had my 21 chips target plus. So I continue playin to reach that 37 chips target which I also reached within the next couple of spins. After seeing how well I'n doing I ordered a drink and played still at minimum. When I was up 50 chips I decided to switch to N4 & O2. By now I could also read the table and could clearly see that this dealer are very good at repeating the winning numbers like 12 & 31 & 33 whihc are covered by both systems. At one stage she spun 12 four times in five spins. I was surprised as I knew the odds for this to happen are almost immpossible but to what mattered was if it was a winning number. So within 20 spins I broke the bank. As she started to pay me with R100-00 chips I tried to win even more till I got again all the colour as she had 2 piles on her side of the table and I knew it would be to difficult to win that too.  Also now that I already broke the bank I went back to N2 & O1 to take it easy.  I made a bit extra chips but then a dealer from one of my previous visits took over and I just waited to see if I win that spin becuase the chips was already on the layout and I got all my chips nicelly together and cashed out as this dealer now at the table is not good for me. So within 2 hours I made 77 chips profit from a 100 chip buyin. MOre than what my actual target was and a prettyy easy and quick one. 


The R100.00 above stands for Rands (South Africa currency)

Thanks the Barbi system produces a regular income from visiting the casino up to 5 days a week  for say 50 chips a day and a weekly profit of about a minimum of 100-150 chips a week which it has been doing for years now. Thanks


London, England

Dear Ritchie,

The UK Barbi System is all you claim it to be and more!  Living in Nevada I've seriously played numerous systems and betting strategies over the years and the UK Barbi has proven to be a consistent winner every time I've played it. I actually like playing Richies Dozens for fun (and profit) but when it turns south... the UK Barbi saves the day.

x xxxx

Reno, NV